Maotai #4

Maotai found a feather in the pasture and Annie investigates.


About jeccalee

Maotai is an 8-year-old Siamese mix cat. He loves eating, staring at walls, and causing trouble. Jess is a 30-year-old export documentation specialist. She loves eating, making elaborate plans, and cleaning animal skulls (not Maotai's).
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One Response to Maotai #4

  1. IslandEAT says:

    I enjoyed checking out your site and seeing Maotai in various poses; he’s very photogenic. (I was worried about the blue rag on his head being a fashion statement at first – I’m glad it wasn’t a dress-up idea….)

    My island cats appear on my food blog, from time to time, but they tire of posing for me. Keep on bloggin’ with your food-and-cat theme!



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